Michelle Penny

An intrepid explorer of the entrepreneurial landscapes focused on creating, marketing, learning and teaching.


Teaching Creative Entrepreneurship - How to to bootstrap a music or creative careerPutting The Fun Back Entrepreneurship - How to make building a business fun.Reverse Engineering Entrepreneurial Success - Deconstructing success and building the models needed to replicateStudying The Success Mindset - What makes some people achieve and others flounder.Awesome Women Doing Amazing Things - Profiling amazing women over 40 doing amazing things.


Funny Up Your Tweets - Lost your funny bone? Steal from a growing collection of tried and tested funniesThreadMaster - A collection of the best Twitter threads on the interwebsLaunch MBA Cohort #3 - Launching 12 products in 12 months


Clients - Audience Building for Ecommerce, Influencers and MusiciansMe - Am I doing a good jbo?


Build Once, Sell Twice - A play-by-play guide to divorcing time and money by Visualize Value
MAKE - Pieter Levels From Zero to Sold - Arvid KahlArt of Impossible - Steven Kotler


Ship 30 for 30 - 30 atomic essays every day for 30 days (Start mid Feb)Bootstrap MBA - Documenting 12 months of learning on how to improve in ideation, business systems, marketing and something else I've forgotten which I'm leaving here to teach me for being unprepared.Twittering Away - You can find me at MichellePenny